Trump 2020 – How’s it looking?

It’s not been a particularly strong week for Donald Trump, even by his standards. Astonishing developments have become the norm throughout this presidency but the sight of the world’s media covering an interview with Trump by The Sun newspaper….

Are electric motorbikes the key to a green future?

The quest to find the greenest solutions for our growing transport demands continues to be at the front of the automotive industry decisions. It seems like every week another major manufacturer announces the move away from Diesel, as more hybrids and full electric vehicles enter service.

Electric cars grow in popularity

There is no escaping the fact that our need to find alternative energy sources continues to become a more pressing matter. Transport is one of the world’s major contributers to climate change, and in response to this the rollout of electric vehicles is becoming more widely adopted….

Has print media got a future?

In recent times the print industry has experienced some major losses, as more of the country’s best-known publications switch to a digital platform. NME for example morphed its model multiple times to try and find a best fit moving forward….

Eurozone house prices rising rapidly

House prices across the European Union (EU) have fluctuated quite noticeably since at least 2006 and in particular since the 2008 banking crisis. That year saw an average fall of 4% across the continent according to Eurostat – however it looks like things are finally fully bouncing back….

Your personality type tells us if you voted Leave or Remain

Your opinions on people who voted differently to you in the 2016 EU referendum are likely to be fairly set in stone after the atmosphere of polarisation in the country for the past two years. If anything, it appears, it has entrenched people’s views even further than they were before due to the aggressive nature of political discourse recently….

Is E-waste mining the next big thing?

Global demand for raw minerals continues to grow, as the developing world moves towards a more technologically supported future. The need to have the latest phone or computer is creating a vast supply of used devices that until recently found their way into landfill….

Monaco is creating new land

When asked to name the most expensive places in the world to buy property, Monaco would probably be a mandatory guess for most people. The city-state on the French Riviera is something of an anomaly which shouldn’t really exist by any rational rules – and yet it does….

Boeing agree deal with Embraer

Trade is a hot topic at the minute, with the United States President turning the wick up on a global trade war that has many industries concerned. Long before the growing popularity of international tariffs was a trade dispute between two of the largest airplane manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus, which looked set to leave at least one of them out of pocket….

Healthy alternative that really pays

We all love to treat ourselves to something sweet, regardless of what we read about the health implications it could yield. As the Government continues to ramp up the pressure on the food industry, popular fizzy drinks, chocolate and frozen consumables face a difficult future….

Could AI doctors save an NHS in crisis?

As the NHS continues to struggle under the burden of a growing population, budget cuts and staff shortages, news that health service provider Babylon Health believes that it has created Artificial Intelligence that could one day replace GP’s is certainly news to take notice of….

Somewhere, you’re Batman

Concepts of reality and consciousness have dominated much of philosophy since the dawn of civilisation. The idea of self, of reality and our place in the universe is often so existentially frightening that many prefer to avoid attempting to explain it all together….

Harley-Davidson change lane

This week the news that the well-loved American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson is going to slow down its production in the USA has sparked a response from US President Donald Trump….

Brexit opinion is turning

In the wake of some damaging exchanges with her own MPs in the commons, Theresa May is licking her wounds and seemingly forging ahead with her plans for leaving the EU, even going as far as to release a bizarre video on Twitter about being now able to forge ahead with an ‘orderly Brexit’, which presumably is included within the wider parameters of “Brexit means Brexit”….

A new way to buy online adverts

Online advertising is one of the biggest growth industries in the world. As traditional advertising avenues such as newspapers and television are seeing decreasing returns, it seems the power of online advertising only continues to grow….

CO2 leaves drinkers high and dry

The supply of CO2 for the beer and soft drinks industry is becoming an increasing concern as industry-wide shortages look to hamper the industry’s profits right before the World Cup and barbecue season gets under way….