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Is 2017 the year of the subscription?

Is 2017 the year of the subscription?

In today’s capitalist society, everything you heart desires is available at the touch of a button—books, films, clothes, food, and everything else in between. But the new fad that’s capturing the hearts (and wallets) of today’s generation are subscriptions: a monthly fee in exchange for a product delivered every month until cancelled.

Whilst once subscriptions were limited to magazines, this convenience-based service is now well and truly en vogue, with subscriptions available for every taste, budget and inclination. A monthly supply of socks, books, shoes, make-up, board games, gym wear—what’s not to love?  The possibilities are endless in today’s subscription society.

Some of the subscriptions on offer are genuinely useful for everyday life, while some are just downright obscure. Global Property Scene will look at a selection of the subscription boxes currently on the market, from innovative and niche to downright quirky:

Farm To People

A bespoke package for avid foodies, Farm to People offers subscribers small artisan goodies straight from farmer’s markets across the country, creating the perfect tasting box that’s fresh, organic and all home-made.

 Bacon of the Month Club

As the name suggests, there is indeed a subscription box which delivers all the ingredients you need to make the perfect bacon sandwich—namely bread, and the key ingredient: bacon. With Bacon of the Month Club, this service (absolutely dripping with puns) promises to “bring home the bacon”, allowing users to choose from a selection of artisanal, free-range bacon cuts, which are then sent to you at the start of each month in a handy letterbox-sized care package.

Moss of the Month

Definitely an acquired taste, Moss of the Month—as the name suggests—sends a surprise sandwich bag full of assorted moss and lichens every month, in addition to added extras like rocks and terrariums, to make the perfect subscription for those who know their flora from their fauna.

Doggie Lawn

Offering a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly option, this rather unique concept offers dog owners a box filled with a patch of real grass, the perfect portable potty for large or small-breed dogs. Bacpm sa

Given that the internet is an incredibly diverse place, these are just a few of the many, many weird and wonderful subscription boxes out there, providing quirky products to incredibly niche audience subsections. To borrow from Apple’s now infamous strapline, in this market it’s definitely fair to say that whatever you're in the market for, there’s more than likely going to be a subscription for that.

But as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure…

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