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Electric cars grow in popularity

Electric cars grow in popularity

There is no escaping the fact that our need to find alternative energy sources continues to become a more pressing matter. Transport is one of the world’s major contributers to climate change, and in response to this the rollout of electric vehicles is becoming more widely adopted.

Despite there being some resistance to the adoption of electric vehicles, it seems young people are now getting behind the change with over half of young people in the UK stating they would like to own an electric car. Motoring group the AA have been conducting research to find out how popular EV’s are becoming among consumers.

The AA questioned 10,293 drivers with the results showing:

> 85% of people overall in the survey said that there aren’t enough public charging points for EVs.

> 76% said EVs can’t go far enough on a single charge.

> 76% think EVs are too expensive.

> 67% think EVs take too long to charge.

> 67% think there isn’t enough choice of models

Clearly the public has significant reservations about EV’s despite government grants, low running costs and the addition of over 340 charging points each month.

The AA’s president Edmund King said: “The range, charging speed and charging point infrastructure are all on the increase. There needs to be a more concerted effort by us all to sell the benefits of electric vehicles.

“Drivers will also need to change their fuelling habits with the majority charging their EVs at night (at home) and then at their destinations.

“Ultimately outstanding, affordable, stylish EVs with a decent range will sell themselves. Massive savings can already be made on running and servicing costs, as well as the tax benefits.”

“The younger generation in particular are ready to embrace the electric revolution.”

It’s reassuring to know that the next generation are getting behind this change, and if the industry can further market the positives of EV’s soon we could see a turn in opinion in older drivers too.

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