House building slows in Australia

The construction of new houses in Australia is beginning to slowdown, as more focus is being applied to the construction of high-rise development.  There does continue to be good interest from overseas investors as prices continue to grow in the countries major cities.

Bulgaria continues to offer cheap alternatives

Many wish to be free from the shackles of both the rental market or the monthly mortgage. It’s hard work watching around half your monthly salary get absorbed into your home.  What if there was a way we could just live somewhere at a fraction of the cost, and enjoy the money we have, not the money we owe?

Great Britain unites

On Wednesday 22nd March 2017 at about 3pm reports began to emerge that a police officer had been seriously injured outside the Houses of Parliament. Phones buzzed, apps nudged and the UK began to tune in to a developing scenario that was quickly becoming a tragedy.

Cook Island fish evolving in real time

All mammals on Earth were originally fish swimming freely around the ocean, including humans. Our aquatic ancestors dragged themselves out of the ocean 400 million years ago and onto the beaches of the world as they were all the way back then.

Portugal look to tax property with desirable view

Portugal is looking to introduce new tax conditions, which will see homes benefiting from a desirable outlook taxed accordingly.  Properties built with a south facing view could be looking at a potential 20 percent tax.  The tax will also reduce tax by as much as 10 percent for property located in less desirable locations; opposite a cemetery, ground floor dwellings and property sporting northerly views.  This move will only apply to property built in the last five years, or dwellings currently experiencing reappraisal.

Peru continues to attract investment

When you walk through certain parts of Lima, you get a real sense of a city developing well under the winds of economic growth. Wide streets feature comfortable houses and apartment blocks, with palm trees and lawns kept green by sprinkler systems. It’s these living conditions that are attracting new and exciting business into the city.

What happens with no Brexit deal?

In an astonishing admission that has shocked many in politics and observers of the developing Brexit environment, David Davis, Brexit Secretary, has admitted that the government have done no economic assessment of crashing out of the EU with ‘no deal’.

Mayor of London overrules local councils

With demand for property in the capital becoming increasingly competitive, the need for new housing is at an all-time high.  Despite this demand, local authorities have had to restrict some developments, as residents continue voice concerns over any new project to cross the planning departments desk.

Will shared ownership help Sydney’s housing issues?

If you’ve looked for housing in Sydney in the last five years, chances are you may have found the whole process a bit of a challenge.  With prices rising by as much as 60% in that period, it’s clear many simply can’t get their foot in the door.  The list of reasons why this has occurred is not insignificant.  Record low interest rates and sizeable tax breaks for both local and overseas investors seem to be the main arbiters.

More good news for renewable energy

The growth of renewable energy has been one of the great success stories of recent times. There is still a long, long way to go, but the portion of our energy supplied from renewable sources has been increasing hugely year after year, even in the face of the lobbying efforts of oil companies which manufacture climate scepticism for their own benefit.

Brazil’s unshakeable recession sets new record

Having hosted one of the worlds most coveted events, there had been hopes Brazil would finally begin to see some return on the $4.6 billion investment.  The state had argued the Olympics could stand as a catalyst for economic development, that it could attracted the kind of financial influence that the country needed to progress, that it would give the Brazilian people the facilities and infrastructure many will utilise for generations to come.

The rise of Hong Kong’s “coffin homes”

Such a densely populated city as Hong Kong naturally comes with its own set of problems. With the population growing at a huge rate, Hong Kong has long been stretched for space, finding it difficult to keep up with the impossible gulf between supply and demand.

The cost of healthcare in America

Healthcare is absolutely fundamental—a basic human right, and a necessity for every single person as and when they need it. UK citizens are lucky with their National Health Service (NHS), hailed as one of the best healthcare systems in the world, a public health service funded by taxpayer contributions.

Farage and Carswell rivalry escalates

In the dark rooms of parliament where so often there is scheming and plotting afoot, the respected writer and journalist Tim Shipman suggests that some years ago those of the Eurosceptic wing of the Tory party had finally achieved what they’d desired for decades - an in/out referendum.