Will shared ownership help Sydney’s housing issues?

If you’ve looked for housing in Sydney in the last five years, chances are you may have found the whole process a bit of a challenge.  With prices rising by as much as 60% in that period, it’s clear many simply can’t get their foot in the door.  The list of reasons why this has occurred is not insignificant.  Record low interest rates and sizeable tax breaks for both local and overseas investors seem to be the main arbiters.

The city running out of water

Las Vegas, America’s city of sin is a popular tourist destination, but its long-term future could be in real doubt.  Over the last decade, its population has grown by 400,000 to four million residents, pilling pressure on local infrastructure.

Is age really just a number?

In the past weeks and months the world media have been focussed on the French presidential election, which saw political maverick and everyman Emmanuel Macron take on and triumph over the hotly-contested far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. However, it wasn’t just Macron’s political prowess that hit the headlines.

To ‘v’ or not to ‘v’….

Vegetarianism—a universally-known concept, yet widely considered to be one of the world’s great dividers. Although the act of refraining from eating meat (whether for medical, ethical or personal preference reasons) is a noble one, even in this day and age which celebrates the freedom of speech and actions, people feel very strongly about such a contentious subject.

Everything you need to know about the NHS hack…

Widely touted as “the biggest ransomware outbreak in history”, the UK's National Health Service (NHS) was just one of thousands of unsuspecting corporations around the world that found themselves crippled by a malicious virus that infiltrated their computer networks on Friday 12th May.

Bulgaria continues to offer cheap alternatives

Many wish to be free from the shackles of both the rental market or the monthly mortgage. It’s hard work watching around half your monthly salary get absorbed into your home.  What if there was a way we could just live somewhere at a fraction of the cost, and enjoy the money we have, not the money we owe?

Prince Philip steps down from active duty

The British monarchy has had a busy few days. High off the celebrations of Princess Charlotte’s second birthday (the second child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Duchess Kate), the week ends with the unexpected—but not altogether unsurprising—news of the retirement of the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, from official royal duties.

A new worldwide internet?

Increasingly, everything that matters either happens on the internet or is enabled by it. In the decades since the World Wide Web was launched the world has been changed almost beyond recognition along with people’s day to day lives.