Where exercise does more harm than good

It is a commonly accepted fact that exercise is generally good for you. Keeping yourself in good shape with a combination of healthy eating and plentiful exercise is an important part of life. Unfortunately, it seems that at least one of those might not be an option for people in some cities around the world.

Trump goes off the deep end

I want to stop writing about Donald Trump, I really do, but every time I sit down and open up the news websites to get a feel for current events he dominates almost all the headlines with each new gaff being remarkably more newsworthy than the last. 

President Trump’s $21.6bn border

Probably the most spoken name of late 2016 to early 2017 has to be Donald Trump. The 45th President of the United States has to be among the most controversial figures ever to adorn the title of ‘Leader of the Free World’.

Diesel cars on the decline

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has confirmed that sales of electric vehicles in the UK have hit a 12-year high, with electric vehicles accounting for a record share of the market. 

Amazon drones on the horizon?

The Superbowl, American football’s showpiece event, is almost as famous for its half time adverts as it is for the actual sport itself. Perhaps that is not surprising given that they manage to stretch a one hour game out over a full three hours.

Chile battles severe forest fire

Chile has been battling some of the most intense forest fires seen in a decade.  The area and terrain the fire has engulfed has proven difficult to control, with special firefighting equipment and aircraft drafted in to slow the speed of the blaze.

Apple see growth in last quarter of 2016

Having experienced a decline in some of its product lines, Apple seem to have turned a corner with net sales of $78.4bn for the last three months of 2016.  The result indicates a 3% increase on last year’s figures, and represents their strongest ever quarter.

Antarctic Meltdown: The crack widens

The gigantic iceberg is closer to breaking free from Antarctica, as the crack widens on the Larsen C ice shelf. The crack is approximately 175 kilometres long, 10 km longer than in 2016. Scientists have yet to predict when the iceberg will break off.

Scientists find ‘oldest human ancestor’

Researchers in China have discovered the earliest known ancestor of humans and fish – the Saccorhytus. This 540 million year old fossil is “exquisitely” preserved and has given us a look into an area of our deep evolutionary past which had been hidden to us.